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February 6, 2013
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Trainer Mao by KeyboredChemistry Trainer Mao by KeyboredChemistry

This needs to be updated...Eventually lol


Always Open To Rp - Comments | Notes | Skype/AIM

N A M E – Mao Millet

G E N D E R - Male

A G E - 26

H E I G H T - 5'7"

W E I G H T – 145 lbs

H O M E – Pallet Town || Kanto

I T E M S (Bag)

• Six pokeballs
• The Neo Island pokedex
• Cell phone/wallet
• A few super potions/Some berries
• Map
• Music player/headphones
• Pj's


• Very serious
• Often at times rather reckless, jumping before thinking
• Easily angered or irritated
• Has very little patients/tolerance for stupidity
• Very sarcastic/Stoic/Indifferent
• Extremely loyal
• Furiously protective to those he cares about
• Is a lot softer around children


• Despite his hard disposition, he loves sweets of all kinds and drinking himself silly
• Has an affinity for anything dragon related
• Sleeping in all day (if you’d let him)
• Training
• General laziness
• Winter/Fall
• Music


• Spicy foods
• Water (anything larger then a bath tub is a big no no)
• Mistreatment of pokemon or kids
• Summer/Spring (much too hot for his liking/Doesn't handle heat well)
• Overly loud noises/People
• The clingy type
• Loathes being sneaked up on (He will punch first and ask questions later)


• Bisexual (Though he rarely tends to stay in a relationship for very long. No many like to put up with his punk ass)

• The love affair with the powerful dragon type started many, many years ago when Mao was just a young boy. Around his third or fourth birthday, he had received a stuffed Charizard doll as a present from his father but it was a special one! It had been a limited addition toy sighed by a then younger addition to the might Elite Four of the Kanto region. A powerful trainer in the area of dragons, he commanded the beast with such an iron will it was awe inspiring. Ever since that birthday, that doll was never far from the boy's sight since he took it everywhere and made damn sure to show it off when he could. Every year, when the Indigo Plato would open to those worthy trainers whom braved their journeys, battled many in their climb to the top and won their right to enter the Pokemon League...How grateful was Mao that the whole event was televised! From start to finish, the boy would barely move so he could make sure to catch as many battles as he could! But what he really wanted to see was that one strong trainer...the one who could go up against Lance....and lose. In his mind there wasn't anyone stronger!
Then one day, a few years down the line..Mao got a big surprise. For his ninth birthday, his father once again surprised him with actual tickets to the Indigo Plato now that he was old enough and his big brother Kiyu (who was fourteen at the time and taking a break from his own journey) would be able to take him. Mao got the chance to see what he saw on tv for years in person, it was even better then he could have expected! Each trainer, each powerful pokemon clashing head to head just filled his heart with that sort of joy, fire to get out and blaze his own path into the world (it was just around the corner after all).
Then it finally happened, he got to see it! See some unlucky trainer go up against Lance ...IN PERSON. The battle was spectacular! Short lived but just..just wow! Lance's power, the way he called out his orders...That was all it too for his cemented love of dragons and was determined to become a greater trainer...And not just any trainer, the BEST dragon trainer there was...even become better and stronger then Lance himself. So the boy's mind had been made up and the moment he came home, he explained everything to his father...His plan and what kind of trainer he was going to become in the following year. So it came to pass, Mao turned ten and was officially allowed to get his trainer card and set out on his journey. It wasn't easy, but he managed to attain a dragon type as his starter pokemon (Which was Gibbson the Gible and it was thanks to his father that he was able to even use him.)
So the male set out on his quest and was faced with many hardships, trails with both good and bad times as a trainer...Mostly it was his cocky attitude that got him into a lot of hot water (in fact it was his own fault that Gib's got that scar on his fin).
After a practically devastating loss and witnessing just how injured his poor pokemon had become due to his faults and inexperience...that the male was force to re-evaluate his entire training method. It was then that Mao choose took a break from his travel, to buckle down and really start training his team the right way...He needed to reflect on a lot of things...But as it goes, as he helped his father with his research...His brother set up a breeding facilely and school while preparing the youngest in his family, Tomo to start his own journey...the years just slipped away from him. Mao soon found himself in his early twenties and in a deep rut.
It wasn't till he heard, along the whispered vines about a new land...with new pokemon and it was deemed Neo Island. The male wasn't sure what or how it happened but it stirred a fire that had gone dormant in his spirit, but it did. Soon enough Mao had geared up, grabbed his three most loyal pokemon, said his farewells and was well on his way to getting his journey back on tract.
A boat ride away and Mao was soon stepping onto new territory, speaking to the ones in charged and got his first pokemon on this new land (And of all the crap, it was some thing). This was it, this was the time, his time...Mao was going to prove himself in these new lands. Become stronger, in both his convictions and the belief in his team. He was going to reach his original goal...Become the best of the dragon trainers.

F A M I L Y -

• Micheal Millet || Father || 50 || Pokemon Researcher ( Researching breeding patterns )
• Kiyu Millet || Eldest brother || 31 || Pokemon Breeder
• Tomo Millet || Youngest Brother || 18 || Pokemon Trainer

T E A M -

Pokemon - Altaria
Alias - Chirru
Type – Dragon/Flying
Gender- Female
Ability - Natural Cure
Nature – Sassy
Item - Leftovers
Move Set –
• Toxic
• Air Cutter
• Flamethrower
• Dragon Pluse

Personality -
• Sneaky
• Clingy
• Sassy
• Protective of the young
• Somewhat self absorbed

Pokemon - Haxorus
Alias - Nox
Type – Dragon
Gender- Male
Ability - Rivalry
Nature – Bold
Item – Focus Slash
Move Set –
• Dragon Claw
• Earthquake
• Brick Break
• Sword Dance

Personality –
• Silent
• Vigilant and always on guard
• Loyal
• Caring
• Selfless

Personality –
• Sweet
• A bit shy and skiddish
• Worrisome
• Cuddly
• Loves to play

Pokemon - Gible
Alias - Gibbson
Type – Dragon/Ground
Gender- Male
Ability - Sand Vile
Nature – Rash
Item - Quick Claw
Move Set –
• Dragon Rush
• Stone Edge
• Protect
• Dig

Personality -
• Quirky
• Out going
• Silly
• Carefree
• Trouble starter</div>
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KeyboredChemistry Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013   Digital Artist
He's an extremely old Oc of mine <3
Years in the making
And actually molded after my old cat xD
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